Internet of Things Cybersecurity Conference | Secure IoT 2020


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If you are

Developing a new IoT product or service

Looking to purchase a product or solution

Involved with project which involves connected devices, sensors and networks

Understand the risks and cyber security implications

We are seeing an ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber-attacks on systems and infrastructure

Attacks are being instigated by criminals; states; hactivists and malicious insiders

The risk and damage to an organisation or individual can be considerable


The objective of the conference is for attendees to:

  • Learn about the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with IoT systems and connected devices
  • Gain from the lessons learned in real life experiences/war stories
  • Hear from leading experts and organisations and gain an understanding of IoT security best practice
  • Learn about the current and future state of standards and regulation
  • Understand what you need to specify and look for when procuring IoT products and services
  • Meet companies offering security products, solutions and services

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SecureIoT 2020